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New android game. This classic game of maze with a little changes which make the experience more exciting. With a good music to feel the emotion. Enjoy this new game.

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Earth Invasion Demo

Earth Invasion is still in development, at this time is a third person shooter.

You can down load the demo for take a view of the game content.

Enjoy it is free. 

SaturnoSystems brings a new game “Earth Invasion”,
an exciting shooter 3D for Windows PCs.

You will take the control of a human soldier, who has to fight against an alien invasion.
Cross through various stages, choose the right strategy, find the best way to reach your goal, pickup bullets, guns and arms to defeat your enemies. It will be easy, there are a lot of enemies waiting for you. You have to learn the movements of each class of enemies.

The events take place in some uncertain city, it is the year 2029. Unknown ships have arrived to the earth, sending troops. To make a scouting of the dominant civilization.
Taking humans for research, and destroying the others. The history will bring you surprises and emotion – explore the places. Look around and enjoy the experience.

We want to achieve the best graphic quality, an incredible control, to make the best possible experience. The game is in development awaiting a release date. You can download the demo from this page:


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